St.Peter's Lutheran Church Leduc, Mission Group
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January 21  2011 -- February 5   2011

Day 8,  Jan 28,  2011
Hola Amigos de Canada,
Before going to the work site today we stopped by the Mission Center which is owned by Lutheran Church Canada. The pictures show the outside of the center and the church (in and out). The church is called the Martin Luther Chapel and used for monthly meetings for the pastors and deaconesses, seminar classes, and special services such as Reformation, etc,. Once again we divided in two groups for the morning; some to the construction site and some to a church/school called King of Kings located near a harbor of the Pacific Ocean. The teacher is very strong and also a leader in teaching others at the Mission Center. The big surprise for us was we were told to plan for maybe 30 children and we arrived to find 70 children and 12 mothers packed in the church. Thank God we have awesome planners along who brought mucho crafts!             Adios amigos,
                 The Servant Team

Day 9,  Jan 29,  2011
Hoy es el Sabado (Today is Saturday)
y no vamos a trabajar a La Iglesia hasta el Lunes (and we are not going to work at the Church until Monday). A message that the Holy Spirit has communicated through our servant team this past week is that a lot of "church" building has taken place. By that we mean the fellowship of believers, the relational aspect of the Body of Christ that unifies all God's people and brings us closer in relationship to Him. Gloria a Dios (Praise God), Alleluia! Today we travelled 3 hours to Matagulpa and visited Selva Negra (Black Forest). It´s a coffee plantation partnered with a rain forest in a resort setting. Many of us went hiking and captured photos of a sloth feeding her baby and a tree full of howler monkeys. We will share those when we return so only sending one picture tonight. Overall it was a good day off. Upon returning to our hotel in Chinandega, one of our sisters from the Calgary congregation learned that her husband was in the hospital. Please pray for Cathy Weger, Kelly´s recovery and comfort for their son.           In Jesus´s name,

Day 10,  Jan 30,  2011
This morning we returned to the worship service at Emmanuel Church (one of the churches Pastor Luis serves and the same one we attended last Sunday). Some of the La Resistencia congregation members attend here with whom we have become well acquainted in a week´s time. It´s approximately a 30 minute walk for them to Emmanuel Church and they are so looking forward to the completion of their own church in their own neighborhood. Today we were witnesses to an infant baptism as well as participating in the Sacrament of Holy person at a time kneeling at the altar. Pastor Luis invited Pastor Dressler to assist him with the distribution which deeply moved all of us. At the end of the service, there was quite an exchange of gifts with them doing most of the giving!! We did manage to supply Klenli Kits to the families in attendance and sing "Brothers & Sisters In Christ" in English (Praise Group style) to their congregation.
Thank you for your prayers. Cathy´s husband was included in the prayers here in Nicaragua and word is that he is still in the hospital but may be able to go home tomorrow.
God bless you all!

Day 11,  Jan 31,  2011

Buenas Dias Amigos en Cristo,
We were back to the construction site today in full more VBS´s to attend. We began in prayer and invited the Nicaraguan workers. Today we almost completed pouring the cement for the floor but first we ran out of water. We waited and more water was delivered. Then we ran out of cement. We waited and then more cement was delivered. At 5:00 we still had about a quarter of the floor area including the altar to mix and spread. It´s amazing to us how many times we have to handle the product before it reaches its final destination here in Nicaragua.
Meanwhile with all the waiting today a van of 7 women went shopping to plan our going away celebration with the community tomorrow. Tonight was capped off with a 25th wedding annivesary celebration for Jeff and Noella from Calgary. We enjoyed a special meal outside including flowers, wine and cake.
A good day was had by all.
Thank you Lord,
The servant team

Day 12,  Feb  1,  2011
It was the last day at the construction site today for our team. Pastor Luis and the congregation are extremely impressed with the progress. We worked until 2:00ish and then shut down for a celebration in the open roofed church with the community...sound system and all. These Nicaraguans really know how to evangelize! We brought a Pinanta stuffed with goodies amongst other activities and they provided entertainment. Some of the young people show cased their talent with dancing and singing. We had a wonderful time together and said our good byes at 5:00ish.
This is our last update and we will be returning Saturday night to Alberta.           Hasta la vista,
                The servant team

Day 13,  Feb  2,  2011
Chinandega ---Montelimar

Day 14,  Feb  3,  2011
Mission discussion & debriefing
in Montelimar

  Wednesday, February 2 travel to Montelimar
   Barcelo Montelimar Beach
   (505) 22696769

Day 15,  Feb  4,  2011

Montelimar --- Managua          

   Friday, February 4 travel to Managua
   Las Mercedes (505) 255-9900

Travel -- Managua--- Houston--- Edmonton
Welcome Home

You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

Thank you to our mission group, from all congregations, and the volunteers, fundraisers, contributors, supporters, & all the donations.  You made it happen.   Until the next mission...
                 Hasta la vista....y que Dios los bendiga (and may God bless)